The PS-15 System

Console Panel Front View


1.   Power ON

2.   Programmer operating indicator, blinks red when sequence is pulsing

3.   NMR lock stabilizer DC offset compensation indicator

4.   NMR lock stabilizer ON


Console Panel Rear View


1.    Power entry module
2.    Power cable receptacle
3.    Fuse
4.    Power switch
5.    TX 1:10. Transmitter RF pulses monitor output; BNC. Can be used with an oscilloscope
6.    TX – to probehead. Transmitter RF pulses main output; BNC
7.    Programmer. RF pulses envelope monitor output. TTL level; BNC
8.    RX- from probehead. Nuclear induction signal input (to the receiver); BNC
9.    Magnet. Electromagnet power supply output (to main coils and flux coils) /input (correction coils); 15 pin D-subminiature connector
10.    Probehead. Input/output to probehead; 25 pin D-subminiature connector
11.    RS 232. PC serial port input/output; 9 pin D-subminiature connector
12.    – I0 Set +. Electromagnet I0 current offset


    Electromagnet And Probehead Front View


    1.    Preamplifier
    2.    RX- to receiver. Nuclear induction signal output (to the receiver); BNC
    3.    TX- from transmitter. RF pulses input(from the transmitter); BNC
    4.    Probehead interface input/output; 25 pin D-subminiature
    5.    Probe locking screw
    6.    Electromagnet handle
    7.    Electromagnet base
    8.    Sample
    9.    Magnet rubber foot
    10.  Magnet yoke
    11.  Electromagnet coils input/output (main coil, flux coil, correction coil), 5 pin D-subminiature
    12. Electromagnet poles



    Electromagnet And Probehead Side View

    1. Probehead
    2. RX- to receiver. Nuclear induction signal output (to the receiver); BNC
    3. TX- from transmitter. RF pulses input (from the transmitter); BNC
    4. Intf. Probehead interface input/output; 25 pin D-subminiature.
    5. Probe locking screw
    6. Electromagnet handle
    7. Electromagnet base
    8. Sample
    9. Electromagnet rubber foot
    10. Electromagnet side plate
    11. Electromagnet shimming screw
    12. Electromagnet pole central screw


    (All Liquid Samples are torch Sealed in 5mm NMR Glass Tubes)

    • water doped with cupric sulphate
    • distilled water
    • ethyl alcohol
    • rubber
    • wood
    • acrylic (plexi glass)
    • delrin
    • empty tube
    • accessories & gypsum monocrystal
    • Sample positioner



    Hard Cases For Storage And Shipment