TEL-X-Ometer Systems

TEL-X-Ometer Systems


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Advanced TEL-X-Ometer X-Ray System


The Advanced X-Ray System includes apparatus to perform over 30 experiments described in the included laboratory manual. In addition to experiments included in the Basic and Intermediate Systems, investigations into radiography and film, and further investigations into the properties of x-rays are possible.


Intermediate TEL-X-Ometer X-Ray System


This System allows students to perform all of the experiments included in the Basic X-Ray System, as well as investigations into Mosley's law, Debye-Scherrer diffraction of powders, and the effect of atomic number on the size of the unit cell in salt crystals.


Basic TEL-X-Ometer X-Ray System


With the Basic X-Ray System students can perform over 10 x-ray detection experiments using photographic techniques and the Geiger-Muller tube. Students can investigate Laue x-ray diffraction, Bragg diffraction on single crystals, and x-ray emission. Properties of x-ray, such as rectilinear propagation, inverse square relationship, and penetration and absorption can also be shown.