Basic Geiger-Mueller Lab System

Basic Geiger-Mueller Lab System



The Basic Geiger-Mueller Laboratory System can be used by students to explore and gain an understanding of radiation shielding, inverse square law, half-life, radioactive dating and more. This system is designed for high school or college nuclear lab courses.

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Designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction, the TEL-ST160S Basic GM Lab System provides a complete solution for performing many basic nuclear demonstrations and experiments. The single convenient package includes a GM detector with multi-position sample stand, a 6-decade scaler with preset timer, a built-in 11-piece absorber set and a serial and USB computer interface for optional connection to either the PC or Macintosh computer. Basic operation of the model 160 Radiation Counter is straightforward and intuitive.

 The internal, thin-windowed 15mm Geiger Mueller counter allows detection of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Perform experiments such as, The Range of Alpha Particles, Absorption of Beta Particles, Inverse Square Law, Half-Life decay, Detection Efficiency and Counting Statistics, plus many additional laboratory exercises for both introductory and intermediate instruction.

 Digitally controlled, variable high voltage is supplied to the GM detector allowing students to plot the Geiger Plateau for understanding the mechanism of nuclear radiation detection, a feature not usually found in an entry level instrument. Large LED indicators display the count, preset time or high voltage setting. Computer connection and data transfer is provided through a serial port to the on-board microprocessor. Operation with either a PC or Macintosh allows students to run experiments from a laboratory work station and display data directly on the computer screen.

 The software package supplied with the system stores each measurement in a data file which can be saved to disk for transferring into a spreadsheet for graphing and presentation. If WINDOWS operating systems are not available on the work station, the software provides drivers for many popular dot matrix printers for printouts and screen dumps.


Stand alone unit operates with or without computer. GM counter; 15mm diameter, 1.5-2mg/cm2 window, 500V operating, 150V plateau. Sample holder; 5-position, 1cm spacing. Display; 6-decade, 999999, 1.25in. LED. Preset Time; 0-900000 sec. decade selection. High Voltage; 0-800V, digital steps of 20V. Indicators; Run, Set HV, Set Time. Serial Ports; DB-9M for PC, DB-9F for MAC. Power; 9V DC from unit supplied. Absorbers; 11-piece set, 6-7400 mg/cm2.


STX - WINDOWS-based software for PCs running up to Windows 7 & 8, 32-bit operating systems. Optional MAC software runs on all Macintosh systems. Displays Gross Count, Elapsed Time, Digital CPM, Digital CPS, Analog CPM. Analog CPS, Data File (Run#, Voltage, Counts, Elapsed Time, Time of Day). Preset number of runs and Pause time between runs. File save to disk (spreadsheet compatible format), save to printer.


  • ST160 Nuclear Lab Station (includes GM tube, stand and 11 absorbers)

  • USB-6 USB cable for PC computer

  • RSS-3 Set of three sources

  • LM 5 Nuclear Science Experiments Manuals on CD