Complete Millikan Apparatus with Power Supply

Complete Millikan Apparatus with Power Supply



Accurately determine the elementary charge of the electron and demonstrate quantization of charge.

Think this classic of modern physics is out of reach in your classroom? Think again.

Focus on results, not set-up and clean-up.


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Assembly takes seconds and actually becomes part of the instructive process: students attach the two main components guided by the case image - a schematic of the experiment. The latex microsphere suspension - instead of oil - means clean-up takes only moments with distilled water.

Classroom efficiency. Budgetary economy.

No need to buy and arrange a power supply, leads, voltmeter, probes, or ringstand means both class time and class dollars go farther.


- Base unit with integrated 500V supply

- High intensity LED light block

- Parallel whole-plate field chamber

- Viewing scope with reticle

- Focusing rod

- Atomizer

- Latex sphere suspension

- Experimental manual


Field voltage: 0-500V; reversible polarity

Light source: 1A high intensity LED;heat-managed

Particle: 1 um latex, in suspension (TEL-100704-S replacement particle suspension - $50.00)

Supply input: 110VAC 50-60Hz